Petitions are in!


A Great BIG THANK YOU to Our Brookhaven Republican Committee Members on Great Petition Drive for Our 2009 GOP Town & Team!

To: Members & Friends of the Brookhaven Town Republican Party

I want to take a quick moment to personally say, “Thank You and Great! Job!” for your hard work going door to door to your friends, neighbors, family and co-workers these last four weeks in the chilly temperatures of February and March!

Because of YOU – the dedicated Members of our Committee - the Brookhaven Town Republican Party came out in strong numbers of petitions and signatures on behalf of our OUTSTANDING REPUBLICAN 2019 TOWN AND COUNTY TEAM!

As a valued Member and Friend of our Town Committee, in this very special and critically important election this year, you started carrying the message and principles of the Republican Party to thousands of voters and families throughout Brookhaven.

Like most years, we always have LATE SHOPPERS – And You Know Who You Are LOL!

Nonetheless, in order to accommodate our MORE TARDY Committee Members who contacted me for additional time they needed to collect Republican signatures for OUR 2019 TEAM, I am giving you this last weekend to hit the streets and deliver your designating petitions to Brookhaven Town Republican Party Headquarters by:

Monday, APRIL 1st * Noon

This will be the FINAL opportunity to submit your designating petition in support of OUR 2019 TOWN AND COUNTY REPUBLICAN TEAM

If you have any questions or need additional time, contact me or Cathy at BTRC Headquarters by calling 631-451-2320. You can also email me at

All the best and once again, Thank You for a GREAT JOB!

—Chairman, Jesse Garcia

Maureen Getchell