Jesse Garcia voted Suffolk County GOP Chairman

Jesse Garcia SCGOP

Statement by Brookhaven GOP Chairman Jesse Garcia on being Unanimously Chosen as Suffolk County Republican Leader 


“I am truly humbled and honored to have received the support of all 10 Town Committees to serve as Suffolk County Republican Chairman. We are at a critical time in Suffolk County, where our residents need to be saved from the fiscal mismanagement and reckless policies of Democrat Steve Bellone.

“Thanks to the strength of our town parties, we will reorganize our county committee to be stronger and more effective, providing the voters with the protection they need through the leadership of John Kennedy.

“Suffolk needs saving. The taxpayers need protection and the county needs John Kennedy.

“We have important work to do, and face a number of challenges, but I know that our Republican committee members and town chairs are more than up to the task. Through the strength of our members and our platform, I know foresee great success in a unified party.

“As a teenager, I remember my first involvement in Republican politics by joining my father, Jesus Garcia, on the campaign trail in many races. As a Cuban immigrant who sought asylum in the United States and built a life and family here, I know he is smiling down on me today – as he was 12 years ago when I was first elected Brookhaven Town Republican Chairman. 

I want to thank the Town chairs for their faith and trust in me, the many committee members and friends who have supported me and the support of my family.”

—Chairman, Jesse Garcia