Vote in Fire Elections December 11, 2018

Help Elect Brookhaven GOP Committee Members and Supporters Fire Commissioners

Dear Brookhaven Republican Party Committee Member & Friends,

Let's continue to bring our shared Republican values of lower taxes and the effective protection of our communities by re-electing and electing these Republicans to various Fire District posts throughout the Town of Brookhaven.

On Tuesday, December 11th, several of our fellow party Committee Members and Friends will be seeking either election or re-election in several Fire Commissioner contests. 

I strongly URGE each and every one of you to contact our fellow Republican Committee Members and Supporters who are seeking election to Fire Commissioner posts, and volunteer TODAY

Your assistance can be in any form you are able:

  • Driving voters to polls in today’s bad weather

  • Making calls to your friends and family in the fire or ambulance districts to VOTE on TUESDAY

  • Helping out at as a Poll Watcher & handing out literature

And of course, if you are a constituent of one of these Fire or Ambulance Districts – PLEASE HAVE YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS VOTE for YOUR fellow Brookhaven Committee Members and Supporters on the ballot.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our Republican Cause.

- Jesse Garcia, Chairman

Fire Commissioner Candidates Supported by Brookhaven Town Republican Party: