Vote Yes Prop 1


Fellow Republican Party Committee Members and Friends, 

Appearing on the November Ballot will be Proposition 1 which, if approved, will return Term Limits to Brookhaven Town Office Holders! 

This Reform initiative will continue the Town Government's long and distinguished history of stable budgets and controlled property taxes, along with long term planning for the future and campaign finance reform. 

I am asking each and everyone of you to please LIKE and SHARE the Vote Yes to Term Limits Facebook page and share it on your personal wall.

On Election Day, November 6th, please make sure you ‘Flip Your Ballot’ and fill in the YES bubble for PROPOSITION 1 – TERM LIMITS!

Please encourage ALL of Your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers living in Brookhaven to VOTE YES to PROP 1! Vote YES to TERM LIMITS!

Let’s Keep Brookhaven Moving Forward!

- Jesse Garcia, Chairman